Zerker PvP warrior Theorycrafting!

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Zerker PvP warrior Theorycrafting! Empty Zerker PvP warrior Theorycrafting!

Post  Hellishwar on Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:09 am

Basically you can stay alive pretty long (all in Theory here) for the duration of your fight 2v1 w/o a healer.


this spec is LOL has no major talents, its meant for x2 1 handers. With CB, LS, Toughness, Gag order, and Incite. Godly.

The order of a good intro for FURY/Prot PvP, always is an Intercept, PH, Death wish and/or/then Lock down with CB, Stay up with BT, go to town with Heroic Strike or WW or Cleave, really up to you. After that if target isn't down after the first few skills save your defensive CD's for the Duration of the fight. Pop LS, Enraged Regen, CB should be up by then save yourself and WIN.

This spec also has some good things to think about using. Second trinket = Heroic Fury , MS effect = Furious Attacks , Improved SR for Defensive play, and IMP Thunder clap.

Always make a Sword and board Macro that helps too.

/cast Last Stand
/cast "Battle master Trinket if have one, if dont enter this line"
/equip "Sword here w.o parentheses"
/eqiup "Shield here w.o parentheses"
/cast Shield Wall

This Sword and Board macro requires at least 2 or more button presses to activate all of the CD's etc.
Another macro might come in handy ONLY if you have a ENRAGED effect on you and the required rage(25 rage) For Enraged Regen, if you dont have the Enraged effect then it'll cast Beserker rage plus the required Rage. Requires at least 2 buttons clicks or mashes:
/cast Berserker Rage
/cast Enraged Regeneration

ADD something like your Battle master trinket for a temp HP gain PLUS the regain of Health!

ALL IN ALL this spec is very VERSATILE! (for PvP situations only!)


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