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Post  Malverde on Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:17 am

Short Answer:
-Pretty much any day as long as its after 9:00pmST

Long answer:
-I have Boy Scouts on Mondays at 6:00pmST followed by food and stuff which lasts til 8:00pmST.
-On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I work at school which lasts til anywhere from 6:00pmST til 8:00pmST. Then food and stuff, so 9:00pmST is kinda pushing it on those days.
-On Wednesdays I have meditation til 5:30pmST and then food and stuff which lasts til about 8:00pmST (Wednesdays have the most wiggle room)
-Fridays I have engineering/robotics at school which ends at about 6:00pmST... and then it's the weekend!... which means RL plans may exist, so it's sort of up in the air. 10:00pmST's a safe bet
-Saturdays are... well... Saturdays, so I've got much more flexible hours (and higher likelihood of having plans) but I'll almost always be available after 11:00pmST
-Sundays may or may not be semi-free, but 9:00pmST is a safe bet.


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