My Job as a Hunter

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My Job as a Hunter

Post  Hawkeyedgirl on Fri Feb 05, 2010 3:29 pm

Hey Guys,

Thought I would write down what I do/can do as a hunter in a raid. Maybe some of you know this, maybe this will help clarify some things for some people.

-DPS- Thats what this class is. We are a non-hybrid class and that is why hunters should be pushing the top of meter. Currently only rogues are better at this.

-Utility-Kiting- Hunters are the class for kiting. Our traps and our ability to stay at range means that this is our job and if we do it well the raid survives and moves on. We fail = wipe.

-Utility-Aggro Management- Hunter have two abilities to control aggro. Misdirect (MD) and Feign Death (FD). MD starts a timer during wich all threat generated by the hunter is directed to the taget of the MD. This is essential for pulls but don't forget that it also helps the tank maintain aggro during longer fights or fights that help the dps get insane damage buffs, at any time I can add my threat to the tanks helping hold aggro (think Hodir). FD compleatly removes the hunter from the aggro table but it can be resisted so it best to use it before its a life or death situation.

Other things that hunters can do. Drop a frost trap at your healer's feet. Mob spawns, MT and OT miss it and it gives your healer the bum's rush nohing will hapeen cause it gets trapped till someone else picks it up.

Any questions please ask - let me know the better we understand all the strengths and weaknesses that are present during a raid the better we will do.

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