What burns me.

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What burns me. Empty What burns me.

Post  Talanai on Tue Feb 09, 2010 6:24 pm

So we had a customer get a repair done in my shop last week or two that broke her lcd hinge. She came into the store yesterday complaining we broke it. I insisted we didnt and I gave her a site with the amount of a new lcd plastic.

She came into the store today and complained to a manager that we broke the lcd cover. Yesterday she told us that she dropped it, today she insisted to him she didn't. Now we have to pay for half of a new one. While it is only $30, it's freaking frustrating.

What burns you guys?


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What burns me. Empty Re: What burns me.

Post  bruden on Tue Feb 09, 2010 10:58 pm

In the state of washington atleast, you loose points on the driving test for being a safe driver lol. I lost 6 freaking points for stopping at an intersection that had no stop sign in any direction. Also you're wrong if you park your car facing up a hill and turn the tires so that you wont roll into traffic. Because they assume that every hill has a curb, I walked a very long street up a hill in Seattle that had absolutely no curb, and the only place to park was on the side of the road... makes me wonder if you're the unlucky SoB who's car rolls backwards into traffic and causes an accident, is it the fault of the guy who ran into your car, you know, cause the test told you to park that way? Razz

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