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Talanai's leaving Empty Talanai's leaving

Post  Talanai on Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:03 pm

Gentlemen and women,

It's been a fun ride. I've enjoyed getting to know and raid with all of you. However, due to the extended leave of absence by some and the abandonment of the guild by others, I am now taking a leave of the guild. I will still keep Gruuler in the guild, so if you need an officer I can hop on real quick, but i will be moving Talanai elsewhere.

The reason for this comes on many fronts, mostly to deal with the fact that we do not have a big, active playerbase anymore and I find that it is a struggle to organize anything of note here. When you sign up, show up. Last night only 2 people showed up for the raid, out of 4 who said they'd come. Why can't more participate in guild activities? Why don't individuals show up?

Again, thanks for the fun times, I wish you all luck, and pst me if ya need help.


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