hunter addons and tips

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hunter addons and tips

Post  alschara on Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:05 pm

this one is outdated but still functional
it is a swing timer that also factors in lag allowing you to better tighten your rotation.
can track the internal cd's on trinkets (requires a seperate download of Libinternalcooldowns-1.0 for the newer trinkets)
pools aspects and traps into two seperate bars, frees up space on your action bars for more shots/abilities
zug zug huntar
experimenting with this one, having issues with its main function
automatically changes your tracking to that of the creature your fighting, useful for the improved tracking talent,( sometimes doesnt change or defaults to track beasts)
General addons for all classes
if you dont have it get it it is a required addon for raiding
reformats your chat window, allows the changing of text style, chat log, raid warnings any messages with your name in them.( AKA >Alschara< you fucking noob move! would flash on my screen if someone typed it in a raid.)

Gemming for your spec
I will start off by saying that i am not perfect i don't know everything about all three specs but i do know a little

Blue gems
all but worthless in pve for hunters, the only spec that benefits from a blue gem is surv (Stam) due to a talent, personally i still wouldn't use a blue gem.

yellow gems
+hit=rigid (recommended if you are below hit cap, shouldn't be used in later content due to the excess hit on most gear)
+crit=smooth (go with agi for crit)

red gems
+ap bright (only useful as bm where ap scales better than agi)
+agi delicate (most useful red gem for surv and marks)
+ArP fractured (useful to ArP marks hunters that are below the soft cap without a trinket)

+agi/stam Shifting
+arp/stam puissant >worthless for pve
+ap/stam balanced

+hit/stam Vivid
+crit/stam jagged
again blue=worthless for hunter pve

agi/crit Deadly (gives more crit than a straight agi gem unless your a jc)
agi/hit glinting (surv/marks for hitting the hit cap)
ap/hit pristine (bm for getting hit cap)
ap/crit wicked (bm for the crit starved)

+10 stats nightmare tear (must have, this one gem activates your meta and fills any slot color req, limit one equiped)

+21 agi and +3% crit damage (if you dont have this meta get it all other metas are useless for pve hunters)

more to come

please comment and discuss ways for me to improve this thread

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Re: hunter addons and tips

Post  Hanobear on Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:50 pm

Great guide Alschara! I agree full heartedly with Quartz and the other add-ons

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