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Post  Modal on Fri Jan 22, 2010 12:03 pm

How to Rogue for Dummies

Step 1: How to Spec

Combat or mutilate are your only options. Combat has useful cooldowns for burn phases or bursting adds. Mutilate has no cooldowns but posts higher numbers when you can sit there and tunnel vision a target.

Combat plays 20/51/0
Yes the poison talents look fucked up, but it's the way to do it. Choose whatever weapon spec you have the weapons for, Hack and Slash is generally accepted to be the superior choice.
Glyph Killing Spree, Sinister Strike and Eviscerate.

Mutilate is some variant of 51/18/2
Glyph Mutilate, Hunger for Blood, 3rd slot is meh, best choice is tricks of the trade.
There's some filler points in the assassination tree. No do not spec into opportunity, 2/5 relentless strikes is better. No, do not get Vigor, it is not good.

Choosing between the specs, they're both viable at the moment. Just spec for whatever you have better gear/weapons for.

Step 2: How to Gear

The answer is to use the spreadsheet.
No, don't use RAWR, maxdps, or your gut instinct. The spreadsheet has better modelling for rogues.
Yes, the spreadsheet assumes a stationary fight where you will be able to sit on the target for the entire time. No, it is still smarter than you so just roll with it.

Get yourself hit capped for special and poisons at least. Don't even think about gemming anything else.
Expertise is a little bit more random, it's not really essential for mutilate and combat gets a ton from the spec. Play with the spreadsheet
putting in expertise gems and see if it gives you higher DPS.

Hard and fast rules:
Mutilate gem 40 AP in red and blue sockets, gem 20AP/10Haste in yellow sockets. Don't bother matching socket bonus unless it is yellow/red. Use a 10stat gem the blue socket that will give the best socket bonus for your meta gem. Use 21agi/3%crit dmg as your meta.

Combat gem AP/ArP in all sockets, except for the 10stat gem to activate meta. Use ArP if you have an ArP trinket proc (something like the Needle Encrusted Scorpion) until you hit the soft cap (however much ArP it takes to hit 100% ArP when your trinket proc is up), then use AP. Use 21agi/3% crit dmg as meta gem.

Mutilate uses one fast dagger, one whatever dagger. Dagger with the highest DPS goes in the MH, even if it's the fast one. Deadly poison on the fast weapon, instant on the other. If both weapons are the same speed, DH on the MH.

Combat uses slow MH, fast OH, preferrably same type of weapon for weapon spec. DPS of the MH weapon matters more than the speed. Instant MH, deadly OH.

Step 3: What buttons do I hit?

For mutilate rogues:
1. Get Hunger for Blood up. Do not let it drop ever.
2. Get Slice and Dice up. Do not let it drop ever.
3. Mutilate to 4+ points. This means, use mutilate until you have at least 4 combo points, do not hit mutilate when you have 4 points.
4. Envenom. You want to try to maximize the envenom buff time, so don't clip it. Let an old envenom buff drop before you use it again.

For combat rogues:
1. Get Slice and Dice up. Do not let it drop ever. Whenever it's about to fall off, just refresh it with how ever many combo points you have.
2. Sinister Strike until 5 combo points.
3. Eviscerate.

Step 4: How to Maximize DPS

Don't die.
Don't risk wiping the raid to do more damage.
Don't energy cap.
Maximize time on target

Use your cooldowns whenever they come up. Syncing cooldowns does provide greater benefit. But this benefit is lost if you have to wait a while. Most fights being close to 5 minutes means that you can often use a cooldown twice if you use it early on, compared to saving it and only using it once during heroism/bloodlust.

For mutilate, use Cold Blood whenever you can 5 point Envenom. Use Vanish as often as possible to maximize Overkill uptime.

For combat:
Try to keep Blade Flurry, Killing Spree and Adrenaline Rush on cooldown. Cooldowns do more damage when they're used together. Any combination of the 3 except for Killing Spree and Adrenaline Rush together is good. KS/AR is bad because you will energy cap which is a DPS loss.

Use Tricks of the Trade on cooldown. First tricks goes to tank to give him a nice threat lead, all subsequent tricks go to the highest DPS that's not you. If your tricks target is close to pulling aggro tricks someone else. Melee is most preferential for tricks target as they'll always be in range.

Do whatever it takes to ensure that you have melee haste buff at least. It is nearly 1k DPS on its own.

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Post  Hanobear on Fri Jan 22, 2010 2:42 pm

so uhh...Modal...I officially love you.

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