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Boomkin (Add to this if you desire) Empty Boomkin (Add to this if you desire)

Post  Hanobear on Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:25 pm

Well lets start this off right - MOST OF THE FOLLOWING INFO IS SPECIFIC TO MOST BOOMKIN SPECS AND GLYPHS. If you would like to look up my spec and glyphs...Armory me. Thank you!

You want to have @ or around 9% hit for 25 mans. Up to 10% will work even better, but for most of you aim for 9% for now (25-man's only). This equates to around 240 points of hit.
You want to have @ or around 10% hit for 10 mans. You will not have the same chance at buffs and racials as you will in 25 mans. 11 or 12% is better for 10 mans IMO. This equates to around 260 points of hit.
If you don't have enough hit - focus on that first.

Spell Power
If you spellpower isn't @ or above 2500 in boomkin unbuffed...this is something wrong and you should focus on that. Spellpower can be achieved with raw SP or Intellect. I prefer going with a good mix of the two. Intellect also gives you a greater mana pool and spell dmg critical chance. I would go 50% spellpower and 50% Intellect stacking. This is of course after you have the proper amount of hit.

Critical Strike
As mentioned in the spell power section... Intellect will also contribute this while raising your base mana pool. Critical strike should be 25% and above at all times. No lower, even unbuffed - while in boomkin form. Smile

Haste is a nice stat to have...but is not 100% necessary. With certain spec abilities proc'ed your haste will go up substantially enough to a point where building haste up should not matter. Regardless you should have between 400-500 points of haste which equates to 13%-16% better cast speed ability. Haste should be one of the last things you worry about when gemming and enchanting.

MP5 + Spirit
Don't worry about it.....You have innervate for raiding and longer fights. Mana Potions also help here. Smile

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